Debunking Addiction Treatment Center Myths by Rehab Recovery Centers

Deciding to attend addiction treatment is often extremely distressing and scary. The fear of the unknown becomes even greater when you consider the myths associated with addiction treatment centers. Whether this is your first time attending treatment or you have tried other options with no success, fearing the unknown is normal. However, you should never let your fear prevent you from experiencing the benefits of recovering from addiction and substance abuse.

Despite addiction being prevalent in our society, there are many myths about addiction treatment. Oftentimes, this comes from the false portrayal of addiction and substance abuse recovery in the news, social media, and television. Additionally, some myths may be outdated information as we have learned more about the concept of addiction and effective treatment modalities in recent years.

The circulation of these myths and false information leads to keeping individuals in the dark regarding the signs of addiction and possible treatments for the disease. Also, many of these myths perpetuate the stigma of addiction, causing individuals to continue to hide their problems and avoid receiving help.

Let’s take a look at the most common addiction treatment myths and why they are only false misconceptions of substance abuse treatment.

Debunking the Myths of Addiction Treatment

Even though rehab and addiction are often glamorized or obsessively dissected in popular culture, a large number of people know very little about the facts and processes of addiction treatment. With that being said, let’s dissect the common myths about addiction treatment.

Myth: Treatment is for Celebrities and Rich People

Based on what you see on TV or in the media, you may think that addiction treatment is only for celebrities or affluent people in society. For example, movies such as “28 Days” show a glamorized and celebrity version of addiction treatment. Additionally, many celebrity gossip shows use rehab as the punchline to jokes about other celebrities who are battling addiction.

With that being said, rehab gets enough negative attention in movies, TV shows, and celebrity culture to make anyone wary of attending treatment. Thankfully, treatment is just as accessible for regular, everyday people, but without the public scrutiny of the rich and famous.

Myth: You Have to Hit Rock Bottom

On the other end of the spectrum, it is extremely common for individuals to assume that addiction treatment is only for individuals who display advanced signs of addiction. For example, individuals who are homeless, desperately in debt, or disowned by their family, are the only type of people that some individuals think need to attend addiction treatment. In other words, people who’ve drifted so far into the depths of addiction that treatment is their only option.

While there are individuals who have “hit rock bottom” that go to rehab, even people who are considered to be “high-functioning” addicts should attend and have found great success through treatment. Basically, you should not wait until you hit rock bottom to make positive moves and changes toward a better future, such as attending rehab and recovering from addiction.

Myth: Relapse is a Sign of Failure

When individuals get into recovery, they learn quickly that one of the biggest fears is suffering from a relapse. Many individuals believe that relapse is a sign of failure, however, this is the furthest thing from the truth. Many people in recovery have suffered at least one relapse in their lifetime. It’s common to meet recovered addicts with 10-20 years sober who dealt with a couple of relapses during early recovery. In other words, relapse is a common occurrence that is always treatable.

In recovery from addiction, individuals rebuild every facet of their lives to accommodate a healthy, happy, and substance-free life. This process is usually not a smooth or quick one, as the path to recovery is not always straight and narrow. Instead, individuals in recovery may have to circle back and repeat previous steps to gain new insight and perspective. Therefore, relapse is never a failure, only a sign of an individual requiring more change and growth.

Myth: Treatment Requires Quitting Cold Turkey

The medical professionals who work in treatment centers are trained to help patients overcome their addiction most comfortably and effectively possible. In cases of heavy substance abuse, a supervised drug detox helps patients off drugs with minimal side effects of withdrawal. In other words, most addiction treatment programs do not allow patients to quit cold turkey. Medication-assisted treatment programs are extremely effective in helping individuals jumpstart their recovery.

The prescription drugs used to ease withdrawal include:

  • Buprenorphine –  mild opioid with limited abuse potential, helping to reduce withdrawal pains from opioid addiction.
  • Methadone – similar to buprenorphine in effects, however, is used for severe opioid and heroin addictions.
  • Naltrexone – eases cravings and reduces the effects of both alcohol and opioids.
  • Antidepressants – prescribed for withdrawal-related depression.

Regardless of the specific detoxification process of a given treatment facility, it is always better to go through detox under the guidance of a trained professional, rather than trying to quit on your own.

Myth: Treatment is Not Affordable

While some treatment centers are expensive, there are many options available for individuals who need help paying for treatment. In other words, there are ways to make addiction treatment affordable and even free, in some cases. Oftentimes, insurance plans cover some or all of the costs of treatment. Additionally, some programs allow for payment plans or reduced costs based on financial needs, which often includes scholarship programs as well. If money is your only concern regarding addiction treatment, do not let it prevent you from recovering. There are many ways to find affordable addiction rehab in your city.

Finding Addiction Treatment

Regardless of what the specific substance you struggle with, how severe your situation is, where you live, or how much money you make, there are treatment options available for you. Attending addiction treatment and recovering from substance abuse are the best investments you can make in yourself and for your future. Contact us today to find a rehab in your state suited to your specific treatment needs.

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