8 Telltale Signs You Need Rehab That You Shouldn’t Ignore by Rehab Recovery Centers

According to the National Institute of Health, about 10% of American adults have had a substance use disorder at some point in their lives. However, only a small portion of people seek the help that they need. Dependencies on drugs and alcohol can sneak up on people, transforming from an occasional social habit to a debilitating and life-threatening situation. Are you wondering if your drinking or drug use has gotten out of hand? Let’s take a look at 8 signs you need rehab.

1. You Rely on a Substance to Get Through the Day

One of the key signs of addiction is that you rely on a substance to make it through each day.

It is common for addictions to start by feeling in control of your substance use, only using it occasionally. As time goes on, however, and the addiction progresses, the dependence on the substance can increase as the days go on. It is a strong indication that an addiction is serious when you feel as though you need a substance to get through the day.

2. Your Drug or Alcohol Use Has Resulted in a Physical Health Problem

There are a number of different ways that substance abuse can impact your physical health. It can take a little while for the signs to start making themselves apparent.

If you’ve noticed physical changes to your body that you suspect are a result of your alcohol or drug abuse, this is a sign you need rehab.

Your doctor might also bring up that you have health problems that have been caused by your substance use. If your physical health is impacted by your drug use, this is your body giving you a clear signal that it’s suffering due to your actions.

3. Your Relationships With Family and Friends Are Suffering

When you have an addiction to alcohol or drugs, it can put a strain on your relationships with family and friends over time. If you start to notice tension between yourself and those that are close to you, it might be due to your drug use.

Substance abuse can lead to increased irritability and can make an individual more prone to getting into arguments. If your use of substances has created significant rifts and distance between you and your loved ones, it’s one of the signs of drug addiction that should lead you to seek a rehab near you.

4. You Value Your Addiction Over All Other Interests

We all have a number of interests that make our lives meaningful. However, when an individual starts to lose interest in the things they loved and instead value substance use over all other things, it indicates a problem.

Have you started prioritizing drinking or using drugs over the things you used to love? This is a strong sign that it’s time to seek help.

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5. Your Substance Abuse Has Resulted in Legal Trouble

Having in a run-in with the law due to drug use or excessive drinking indicates that you’ve lost control of your behavior. Legal issues such as these can have a very negative impact on your life and should be treated as a wake-up call.

Driving a car while intoxicated or high is a common way that people with addictions get into legal trouble. When you do this, you’re acting as a danger to both yourself and everyone else on the road.

Ending up in jail due to the decisions you made while under the influence is not what anyone wants. If you’ve had previous run-ins with the law and are already on probation or parole, you could easily land yourself back behind bars.

6. Your Work, School, Relationships, and/or Social Life Have Suffered

When only using a drug occasionally, you might not notice much impact on the rest of your life. When addiction progresses, however, you will likely see that other areas of your life are suffering.

Has your performance at work or school suffered from your drinking or drug use? This is a clear signal that intervention might be necessary.

Similarly, if your personal relationships and social life are falling apart, it could indicate you have a problem. Missing important obligations or events as a part of your larger social network or family life points to the fact that your addiction has taken control of your life.

7. You Find Yourself Lying About Your Use

If you’ve gotten defensive about your drug use and have been untruthful when faced with questions from friends and family, this indicates you might be addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Feeling the need to lie about your use, either to your loved ones or to yourself, displays that you know what you’re doing is out of control and thus you feel the need to hide it from others.

8. Your Friends and Family Think You Need Help

When an individual falls prey to an addiction, it often doesn’t take too long for those close to them to notice something is wrong. If your friends or family have let you know they are concerned about your use, this is a sign you need addiction treatment.

Being confronted by loved ones about addiction can be difficult. However, it’s important to recognize that they are speaking to you out of concern for your well-being.

Do You Recognize Any of These Signs You Need Rehab in Your Life?

Are you wondering: should I go to rehab? Using these signs you need rehab can help you determine if your alcohol or drug use has taken control of your life. Rehab can be necessary to provide an addict with a supportive environment to get clean and start their life anew.

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